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    great game, much better than the last nhl for psp game

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    Quote Originally Posted by shutdown77 View Post
    great game, much better than the last nhl for psp game
    i would agree it is a very good game and its much better than gretzky

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    Quote Originally Posted by crickmac View Post
    The online works, you have to play against somebody that is loading the game through iso instead of UMD (loading time to slow, it times-out).

    I played successfully 1 game with the iso but it's hard to find another person to play with that is not using the UMD. My online experience was great no lag. Great game, it's worth the buy. I will buy the UMD tomorow.
    I've tried that before. The person I was chatting with on EA's Lounge and he has the ISO too. But I still couldn't connect to him.

    I deleted only the update and the pad files to rip a smaller iso. Everything else is intact.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trallo View Post
    ....sorry guys...i have a little problem also with tiger woods and i don't know why:i'm using devhook 0.46, the game boots and than hangs up...any idea???Thanks in advance......
    It is funny you say this. My friend had the same problem. By any chance are you using a Devhook with mods on it? If so I would revert to one without them. My friend had the same problem too. He just went to a Devhook without mods and then he had no problem.

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    I think it's a Wonderful game. Addictive.

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    Way better than gretzkey games!!!

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    still gettin the game. hope its as good as u guys r sayin

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    Does any one know to what date the roster is current?

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    does online work for anyone? i

    ive played (tried) online and was only able to play succesfuly one time....outta like 20. Anyone else having the same issues? dev hook .46 222mhz reg.....

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    Is there no way to view full player stats in the middle of a game or edit lines mid-game?

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