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    New update for US versions of PSP V1.51

    Just now 10:00 PM A new update for the US version of PSP has been released, Just thought I would spread the news!


    Update details: Stronger Security
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    Thanks for the news!

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    is there a possibility that we can use the EBOOT.pbp that they provided to trick the psp into booting homebrew programs?

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    What im curious about is, if they are releasing a patch to fix security problems for 1.5, that means there has to be a exploit in the firmware somewhere right?

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    If the firmware was modified just to fill a secuity hole, then theoretically cant someone compare both firmware versions and search for the difference in hopes for an exploit.. or at least a hint of where the vulnerability is?

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    Its encypted...but I suspect they did that with 1.0 with the jap update.

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    Its exactly what they did with the jp 1.5 -> 1.51 update.

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    Errrr, the 1.5 firmware is the exact same firmware that the us psps were shipped with... No ones even hacked 1.5 yet, so why would they release another update for a firmware that was updated with security in mind anywaz?

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    maybe they hacked it, and realised somone else would too, eventually.....

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