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    Thumbs Up New PSP RipKits released & more!

    Update #3: chunglam has now updated to DevHook Launcher Mod v1.52 For PSP which includes the following changes:

    - Transparent text background for main screen.
    - Added a simple color scroll bar for ISO/CSO file list.
    - Added option to enable/disable screen shot on emulated XMB
    - Added 300 MHZ / 150 MHZ to clock menu

    Vshexmod 1.08
    - Added a simple color scroll bar for ISO/CSO file list.
    - Added option to select direct color or transparent mode for text background
    - Added option to change USB to USBHOSTFS, USB storage or off mode.
    - In file list mode, press "HOME" again to refresh
    - Fixed the flickering bug for display default icon

    - Changed the key to "L-Trigger + Note"
    Update #2: BREAKiNG NEWS: Dark_AleX has now shared with us a Downgrader For PSP 2.71 which will allow those who weren't smart enough to get/keep a v1.50 Firmware PSP to now downgrade their 2.71 Firmware console back to v1.50 which runs all PSP iSOs, homebrew, emulators, etc! It's important to NOTE that this will NOT work on a TA-082 motherboard and that it should only be used at your own risk. In related news, Dark_AleX has also shared a Downgrader For PSP 2.71 FULL which includes the required DOWNDATER folder and files! Feel free to post your results in THIS official release thread!

    Update: 0x90 has shared a Street Supremacy (EUR) 412MB PSP RipKit with us, apcarr has shared a Gangs Of London (Retail) 760MB PSP RipKit, and hjacked has shared a Rapala Trophies (USA) 216MB PSP RipKit and a 50 Cent: Bulletproof (USA) 704MB + Debug Mode PSP RipKit. Also today, Wedge has updated to VSHEX DLX v0.96B Mod For DevHook v0.46 For PSP for those interested. According to the ReadMe file: "Here's a special build with the browse and fast browse keys swapped for anyone interested. Help text IS NOT UPDATED, meaning it still mentions the normal browse keys. In the future this will be an option and help will be correct, this is just my own special build because I prefer this method of browsing. Drop this file over the normal one."

    To begin, we have a few new PSP RipKits available today as follows:

    In other PSP news today, chunglam has updated to DevHook Launcher Mod v1.51a For PSP with the changed detailed below for those interested:

    - Now all thumbnail icons are saved in folder "ms0:/dh/thumbnail"
    - Added optional background image to main screen, you can change it by replacing "ms0:/dh/res/background.png" just make sure its dimension is 480x272.
    - Integrated "Cheat Master" by Aeolus

    Vshexmod 1.07
    - Added manual mount option, press CIRCLE or CROSS to mount
    - Crop file name with more then 50 characters and removed the [...] crop handling
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