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Thread: New PS Vita Exploited Game MyStylist Runs VHBL on Firmware 3.15

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    New PS Vita Exploited Game MyStylist Runs VHBL on Firmware 3.15

    Following up on the PS Vita 3.15 System Software Update, today Wololo announced that the new exploited game by 173210 to run VHBL on Firmware 3.15 is MyStylist with details and a preview video below.

    To quote: We announced a few weeks ago that we would release a new port of VHBL to firmware 3.15. VHBL is a homebrew loader for the PS Vita. It lets you run fan-made games and emulators on your PS Vita. In order to run, VHBL needs an ďexploitĒ which requires users to purchase a specific game on the PSN Store. For more details on VHBL, check our VHBL page.

    Developer 173210, famous for having ported VHBL to several game exploits in the past, is back at it with a new exploit, and he is kind enough to share his port with us. The game is only available on the Japanese store, and is unfortunately not compatible with the VitaTV.

    However, 173210 believes that the exploit in this game cannot easily be patched by Sony, making it a somewhat unique exploit on the vita scene. 173210 had previously released such exploits for the game Pawapuro, but circumstances were different, as that game had already been removed from the PSN before he had announced the exploit.

    So, JP only game, not compatible with the Vita TV, but the hope that the exploit will not be patched anytime soon... I think for our Japanese readers, thatís a no brainer and they should get it. For you people out there with a US or EU account... well the choice is a bit tougher. Keep in mind that VHBL itself will not let your run isos, but the exploits it relies on can be the door to an eCFW port in the future (such as TN Hen). and we already know that running TN Hen on firmware 3.15 is a thing.

    The exploited game is: MyStylist.

    Yes, I can tell without playing it that this game sucks. Itís not even a game from what I can tell. Oh god, Fashion, my eyes! And yes, Iíve bought it. For my vita TV. Which is when I realized it wasnít compatible with it (thatíll teach me to dismiss the warning messages from the PSN). Oh well, an exploit is an exploit

    If you are interested in VHBL, get that game, now. Sony will most likely remove it from their stores within 48h. Which will be a shame, really, to see such a good game go away.

    The files for VHBL itself will be released in the days to come, stay tuned.

    Update: Video: How to Run the MyStylist Exploit on PS Vita 3.15

    We had a ninja release over the past few weeks to announce 173210′s new VHBL port for the game which has now been announced: MyStylist.

    If youíre interested in this (JP only) exploit, you better hurry up and get it now, because it is likely the game will be pulled out soon from the Japanese PSN store, if itís not already the case. Sony are known to take action quite rapidly on these exploits and we expect the game to be pulled within less than 48h of the announcement.

    We havenít released the files for the exploit yet, however The Z already has a video up for you guys to see how the exploit runs.

    In his sample Video, The Z showcases VHBL running a GameBoy color emulator, a Gameboy Advance emulator (yeah, he has something for Pokemon, in case you didnít know already), as well as popular File Manager PSP Filer.

    Running the exploit seems pretty straight forward: run the Mystylist game, load the savedata, then go to options and select ďSave GameĒ. This will trigger the exploit. Again, the files are not out yet, but weíll have them up in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy the video.

    [imglink=|New PS Vita Exploited Game MyStylist Runs VHBL on Firmware 3.15][/imglink]
    [imglink=|New PS Vita Exploited Game MyStylist Runs VHBL on Firmware 3.15][/imglink]
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    Video: PS Vita HBL v2 for Firmware 3.15 via MyStylist Released, Demo

    Following up on the previous announcement, today PS Vita developer 173210 released PlayStation Vita Half Byte Loader (VHBL) for MyStylist alongside a v2 fix and video demo below.

    Download: VHBL for MyStylist - v1 / VHBL for MyStylist - v2 / (Mirror)

    To quote: The exploit game MyStylist is currently still available at the PSN store (this will most likely change in the next 12-36 hours), but the developer of said VHBL, 173210, asked us to release the files by now.

    Usually we wait until the game got removed, but not this time, feel free to download the files below.

    The MyStylist Vita Half Byte Loader for Firmware 3.15

    The exploit game MyStylist is only available at the Japanese PSN store, is 130 MegaBytes in size and costs 1.440 Yen.

    The released files are the initial files for the MyStylist VHBL. The improved SNES supported files (see the video below) will be released in the next few days, since we’re still optimizing them.

    The developer of this VHBL, 173210, believes that this exploit won’t be as easily patched, as previous exploit games.

    He stated the same about the PawaPuro exploit, which was released for the PS Vita firmware 3.10 and has yet to be fixed. The next firmware update will show, if the PawaPuro and MyStylist exploits will be patched or not.

    Update: Release: PS Vita VHBL *fix* For Firmware 3.15 – MyStylist

    Hey people, earlier today we had a release for the long awaited VHBL for Firmware 3.15 on the MyStylist exploit. It turned out the files we released were broken for some of you... ok, they were broken for everyone.

    This was due to a glitch on how the files had been tested (a rip of the UMD version instead of the PSN version), and tiny differences between the actual PSN game and the version used for the test had massive consequences. Nevertheless, an updated version of the files is now uploaded, and will hopefully work.

    This version also happens to bring some improvements in some homebrews, compared to the one we released earlier.

    Please give it a try (remember, you need to own the PSN Game MyStylist in order to run this!), and report success/failure!

    Latest Version: v2 (r163M)

    Notes for this version: Fixes a fatal crash that happened in 100% of the cases in the previous version.

    Finally, for those unaware VHBL (Vita Half Byte Loader) is a homebrew Loader for the Playstation Vita. It allows you to play fanmade games and emulators on the PS Vita. This version is compatible with PS Vita 3.15 and below.

    To install:
    • Download the VHBL files below and copy them to your PSP Savedata on the Vita using OpenCMA

    To run the exploit:
    • Run the Mystylist game, load the savedata, then go to options and select “Save Game”. This will trigger the exploit.

    [imglink=|Video: PS Vita HBL v2 for Firmware 3.15 via MyStylist Released, Demo][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: PS Vita HBL v2 for Firmware 3.15 via MyStylist Released, Demo][/imglink]
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