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    NERO 6 can create PSP Video Files!

    I was just searching around the Nero website when I found this...

    Version Number:

    (Changes from Package #2, Version ⇒

    Release Date: April 7, 2005
    New Features

    * Added Memory Stick Video (Sony PlayStation portable compatible) as new Nero Digital™ profile
    * Added support for 8 cm 1.4 GB DVD media and CDs [21 min]
    * Added *.MMV to supported video file formats
    * Added *.MOD to supported video file formats


    * A DVD recorded with a CE DVD recorder was not importable in some situations
    * Nero Recode was analyzing files again when the order of the files was changed

    I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this yet, but you can see for yourself at the following webpage...

    There's only one problem though...I haven't really searched hard enough yet, but I can't find where to download the Version ⇒ Update on Nero's website. I'd really like to try it out and see how the speed and quality of the encoding compares to PSP Video 9. If anyone figures it out and tries it, could ya please port here where ya got it from. I'm sure there's a way to get it off their FTP site or sumthin'.

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    I don't think that's it, I just downloaded the Update Package #2 from that link and it's still the old update. Nero Recode needs to be updated from to in order the the PSP (Sony Memory Stick) video profile to appear.
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    is there any way to encode it to FIT the psp screen? nero's recode just makes it 320x240, leaving this huge frame of black.

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    After you import a file into Nero you can click the "Video" button and change the properties (crop, resize, thumbnail). I haven't used these options yet though so I can't say for sure if they will fix the problem.

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    It's weird but I just downloaded nero's recode version and the psp profile is missing? Does anyone have the latest version ( with the new psp profile codec?

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    Evhoria, you may need to enter in an additional serial number into NERO to unlock the NERO Digital profiles. I think it's called the "Nero Digital Universal Plugin". Just a thought...

    Hope that helps a little

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    I also would be interested in the plugin. I bought the nero 6 powerpack and it was not compatable for xp service pack 2 until i got 6 updates,, now running fine. The plugin would be much appreciated to stay away from summer reruns of my favourite cartoons

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    But does it work?

    Which beg the questions...
    Has anyone successfully used Nero for the PSP yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo BobH
    Which beg the questions...
    Has anyone successfully used Nero for the PSP yet?
    Yes. I had an SVCD of Sin City that was about 2.2gb and I converted it to a 450mb mp4 file with great quality.

    You need a nero digital key to unlock the profile. Also, be sure your file's resolution is 320x240. The first time I made sin city, it was slightly off by 4 pixels and the PSP wouldn't recognize it. It's a good program and pretty fast too. I was very impressed.

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