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Thread: Need for Speed SHIFT out now, Here are Some Pics

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    Need for Speed SHIFT out now, Here are Some Pics

    Need for Speed SHIFT is out now.. and running on 500M33v6 & 550Gen B Full

    The game is sweet and pretty much what NFS Pro Street PSP Edition SHOULD of been. Crossed with some GT. Yeah they got licences here now.

    Starting off in the New VW Scirocco, You go on a "World Tour" Where all the worlds best street racers come to show off there Dominating Skillz, & to be one of the worlds top 10 "Kings".

    Running through races gets you invited to race events battling the "King" at that event, moving on to the next event and next "king"

    This really sounds, looks, feels like Pro Street on the Big Boy consoles.

    Modifying cars is back to NfS PSP (What happened "Pro Street"?) No replays though, that Blows!!!! But the gameplay is very much improved, the "feeling of speed" is alot better and the driving dynamics are enhanced and emproved making the driving much more enjoyable (Unlike Pro Street and the Side to side driving of the Zonda)

    Grafixs are emproved and they have DAMAGE again, but it doesnt apear to cripple the driving of the car as it did in Pro Street, but more just impact the visuals and reset when you have a bad enough crash (with a cool little slow mo crash cam)

    Well I just got started so Ill update more latter

    Go look for it, its out there now... Here are some ScreenShots.

    You gotta admit the Grafixs are nice.

    What do you think?

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    The rest of the pics from the first post...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    The rest of the pics from the first post...
    Thanks I'll make sure to put the pic as attachments next time.

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