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Thread: Need help, Ad Hoc network with laptop

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    CompTronicsTec Guest

    Need help, Ad Hoc network with laptop

    I have dsl, a wireless router, a laptop, and a psp.

    Unfortunatly, the router is set g only, no wireless b...and i am unable to change it, not because im not personally capable, but im not allowed to.

    I was hoping id be able to connect the psp to my laptop and share the internet connection.

    My laptop has an internal wireless card and i have a usb wireless card i can use in addition.

    Does any one know how to set this up so that my psp can connect to my laptop wirelessly and share the internet?

    Ive tried and failed.

    just fyi, using vista home premium and unknown firmware version...i havent used the psp for a while.

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    Redmenace Guest

    network bridging

    What you are wanting to do is bridge connections which should be able to be done. here is the link I found with M$'s website about it:

    I did a lot of this back in the days before cheap, functional routers were abundant using an OpenBSD or linux box with Tcpwrappers or pf. another option that you might be able to pull off is setting up a proxy from your computer. Ive done this with Apache before and its not too difficult, 4-8 lines in the httpd.conf is about all it took if Im not mistaken. Id just google apache proxy and you are bound to find a good how to.

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    Saro84 Guest
    I had the same issue and this seemed to work, thanks a bunch!

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