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    Mar 2006

    Nascar 07 PSP

    Waiting for this to be released Wed. September 6, 2006.

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    Apr 2005
    I added it to the list- Thanks phunky!

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    Apr 2005
    ahh racing games coming home to portable..... great for on the go.. not great for when driving with parents...

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    i could never get into driving around circles it just gets boring to me fast but i guess some people like it

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    Do you guys think it will be any good on the PSP?

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    New Feature

    From IGN:

    "One cool feature I noticed while racing is the new Rewind option. This is an ability you build up throughout the race, then use as almost a NASCAR mulligan if you do something wrong or crash. Look to pass Gordon on the outside and hit the wall, then simply hit a button and rewind the action back to before the crash to try the pass again. You will also be able to do mid-race saves, a key to any game on the go."

    Sounds Kool! Kind of like a cheat thing. Should be out in the next couple of hours.

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    Aug 2005
    The IGN review was not all that super, I hope its better than they thought it was...

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    Anyone know where it is? Ive seen some release dates of Friday the 8th, and even a release date of the 19th.... Im so eager to play this.. I cant wait any longer!!!!!

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    Does anyone know if you will be able to upgrade/tweak the cars inthis game like you can on F12006? Nascar is not so big here in the UK but i'm looking forward to playing this game and more so if the cars can be customised or upgraded Gran Turismo styleeeeeee!

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    As far as the setups are concerned, here is a quote from a review of Nascar 07 for the PSP from

    "One thing that could have been done a little better is the car setup options. You're able to change spring rates, downforce and things like that, but you aren't given default setups for each track. Short or complex tracks obviously require better handling than the long, wide-open courses, and yet this isn't reflected in the defaults. Changing up the settings takes very little time, though you aren't able to save specific settings for each course, which too is a tad bothersome."

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