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    Quote Originally Posted by skirocket View Post
    heres my nascar 07 541mb ripkit

    compressed iso 541mb

    challenege movies

    @w0LfNiNja, it crashes because you replaced it with a empty file, if you relink it then it shouldnt crash, the boot.bin he is referring to is the one in PSP_GAME\SYSDIR, the game must read from eboot.bin.
    why did you take out the challenege movies? heh, you kinda need those so you know what challenege you are doing... i think.

    i just saw that i can relink, but if i want to relink something to the main menu, how do i find the main menu? lol. i'm picking this stuff up pretty quick, so i'm sure i won't have to ask too much more. also, i'm guessing it is trial and error to find out if you can delete the boot.bin or the eboot.bin files?? do you need to replace them or can they just be deleted?

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    why is that theres no commantator in the game?

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    Using the ripkit on the front page, I can do one race (practice, qualify, and race) in fight for the top mode, then when I go to practice for the next race, Ill get mabye a lap in and it will lockup and freeze. Any way to fix this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spawnzz View Post
    not good graphics ...and limited analog control
    this game not my choice
    Your right, this absolutely sucks on PSP

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    Been playing this game for a couple of hours now, and must say that it is a very well done game! Being a nascar fan, what better could they do? I love the rewind feature and has helped me in numerous occassions so far, like missing the pits! Not as touchy as the other race games out there...very solid!

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    This game handles like crud. The analogue "nub" is not nearly as responsive as an analogue stick. Basically, you can't drive in a straight line. Cars pin you in towards the wall and you just start ping-ponging. Off the car, off the wall, of the car, off the wall. It's hopeless. Definition of insanity = doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Therefore, to continue playing this game would be insane.

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    I'm not a big nascar fan, so it took a little getting used to the feel of the game. Being a Gran Turismo veteran, I find the controls to be a bit sluggish in comparison. Lastly, for some reason, it froze when i went into the pit.

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    I have to agree the controls are too sluggish. The game has good graphics but it's a shame they didn't tweak the psp version more. This game goes back on the shelf.

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    It doesnt work for me on Devhook .46

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