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    Namco Museum Any UMD Loader Question

    I have the namco museum boot.bin thats already patched to work with the twisted metal umd inserted. I, however, would like to use the any umd loader to load the game. I dont think it will work however because its already been patched to use the twisted metal umd and i think the ppf patch messes something up. The game hangs at the large NAMCO screen with the now loading logo flashing. Im assuming its legal to get a ppf patch to return the boot.bin to the original form, but is there one available? There may not be many values changed, so I might be able to do it "manually". If someone has hex workshop they could do a compare (in the tools drop down menu) of the original boot.bin and the one made for the twisted metal umd loader, and then post the offsets and their values or text strings back here. Also, on an off note, I was fooling around with the puzzle bobble loader eboot and the main boot.bin files and changed the boot.bin file to include different file paths and directing it to use fatms and ms0 at times to make a no umd loader for puyo pop fever. I couldnt find one to download so I messed around until I got it to work. Its fairly easy and can be done using hex workshop. Does anyone know what exactly needs to be changed to make a loader work with other games? Obviously you must change the file paths to look for the files on the memory stick, but theres all sorts of non sense characters that are changed or added when comparing 2 boot.bins in a hex editor, Im assuming this is encrypted code. How can I actually see what it is? Is there a program or something that will show whats really there? If everyone knew what to look for and what to change, then it would speed up the release of different loaders. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenz
    Anyone got a pointer to the PPF file for this thing so I can try and work out how to un-patch it?
    The Namco Musuem ANYUMD PPF is available as part of PPF Patch Collection 4 on our Web site. You can see which offsets/bytes it patches by opening the PPF Patch in PPF Analyze. Here is a WinHex compare of the bytes changed for Namco ANYUMD... with BOOT.BIN as the original (unpatched) file and BOOTP.BIN being the patched one:

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