Booster has released an enhanced version of his normal boot loader tool, which enables users to boot normally with a Pandora battery inserted.

The new release, dubbed Multi-Boot Loader, now allows users to choose from up to five IPLs installed on the memory stick. This means that it is now possible to have a Pandora memory stick which boots normally, but also can enter service mode when needed. From the ReadMe file:

Download: Multi-Boot Loader For Pandora's Battery

How to use:

1. Copy bootfile to "ms0:/ipl/ipl_xxx.bin" of MsProDuo which installed Multi-Loader. (see "RECOVERY_LOADER/readme.txt" to boot pandora's "Magic Memory Stick")

2. Power off the PSP.

3. Hold LTRG and allow key to select boot file, or LTRG off to normal boot.

LTRG+UP -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl_up.bin"
LTRG+LEFT -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl_lt.bin"
LTRG+RIGHT -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl_rt.bin"
LTRG+DOWN -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl_dn.bin"
LTRG -> load/run "ms0:/ipl/ipl.bin"
other -> normal boot from internal NAND flash.

4. Insert "JigKick Battery".

The MS and WLAN LED are flashing when boot file are missing or boot error.

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