The other post was getting lengthy, so here is what's new since earlier today... PaWsTick from the PsP-Dev Team has shared PSP MSwap Tool v0.2 for use with their previously-released Swaploit v1.50. Updates include a bug fix along with a Linux version as well.

Also, a How To Run Homebrew Applications On PSP v1.50 Tutorial and a PSP v1.50 Single Memory Card Exploit Tutorial have been added to our Web site, a Homebrew PSP Utilities section for hosting the larger sized files, and of course be sure to check out our Emulators for PSP, PSP Utilities, PSP Tutorials, and Homebrew Progs On PSP sections. Finally, a PSP v1.50 Firmware Dumper Utility has been released today for those interested. Lots more to come!