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    Apr 2005

    Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner PSP

    Anyone try this yet, another just released... if it works we'll add the FiX to our Site as well: Monster_Kingdom_Jewel_Summoner_JAP_UMDRiP_PSP-LIGHTFORCE

    From the NFO file:
    <--( RIP Notes )----------------------------------------------- ----- -->

    Put the 3 folders to memstick and start runumd ....

    big thx to a friend from psypsp that found that new way to get games
    to work and the runumd dev team...

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    Does anyone have any idea how to make the monsters evolve?

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    Apr 2006

    US release date - 15/02/07

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    Is this game out yet? ign have already reviewed it.

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    Dec 2006

    this game looks nice (or at least from the images) and interesting, but still dont understand its gameplay ... would people recommend this game ?

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    does n e one know if the u.s version of this game has been released yet? There doesn't seem to be a rip floating around yet...

    For those wondering this IS! the best RPG game for the psp thus far. 90% voice dub thats gotta be worth something.

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    Dec 2006

    hmm .... I've got the game (jap version though) but dont have a PSP to try it on, so just waiting till I can get my hand onto one of the psp. I've heard theres lots of "conversation" in the game, so I'm just hoping this isnt another one of those reading-type game.

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    Jul 2006

    US version out now. rar'ed size is 456 mb

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    Just tried the US version (456mb version), and the game stopped loading at the world map. Anyone encounters similar problem?

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    ive encountered the same problem when tried to go to the second town, my psp just shut off, havent tried again tho, gonna try again in a bit.


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