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    Quote Originally Posted by MajestacaL View Post
    It must be a good game? I went out to buy it this morning went everywhere gamestop, ebgames, bestbuy, toysrus, circuitcity, walmart, meijer its out of stock everywhere I even called some gamestop/ebgame stores in the next town and they were sold out as well >_<
    mine said they didn't even get it in yet... they didn't have sonic for the wii either.. there shipments are off.. so hopefully i can get both today

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    It does look very cool. been looking forward to playing it for a while now.

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    Jul 2006
    hnn... anybody find it weird that the game's release date is over already and no sign of the game has been spotted?

    well, minus the fact that the first and only release i saw was a bad dump.

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    yeah my game stop didn't get it today either got my sonic though... but yeah no one ANY where seems to have it.. likes the game a ghost.. odd really..

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    so is this referring to US version only or is JAP version not working either ?

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    jap version is out long ago. we are currently talking about the us version which "should be" out by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sticky View Post
    jap version is out long ago. we are currently talking about the us version which "should be" out by now.
    any word on why this game isn't on the net yet?

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    I just checked game spot and the release date was moved to February 19.. Which is really odd because that's a week from when it should have been released, right?

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    Good news folks I just got a copy of the us release and it works perfectly at least the version i got ^_^

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    game works fine for me also. This game reminds me of pokemon haha. all the damn talking that i can't fast forward through is making me kinda mad though

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