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    Newbie HavokLokz's Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    same here! wont load going to the second town maybe a bad rip or do we need a fix?

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    can anyone show filename? who released US version? thanks alot

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    I 2nd that motion lol

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    does the u.s version release even exist? I can't find it anywhere, give us a release name!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lionheart2006 View Post
    does the u.s version release even exist? I can't find it anywhere, give us a release name!
    only reason why i haven't called anyone out on what you just said.. is cause it was a mod that mentioned the us rlease being out first had it been other wise.....

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    maybe with this us release that some ppl already have, u have to run it a certain way w/o plugins and etc. like ratchet and clank.... idk but it gets released today so maybe its just the rip

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    Newbie sticky's Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    apparently, the release of this game is gone/nuked because many users have reported the game crashing no matter what settings was used. guess it was a bad dump.

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    oh, okay that makes sense O.o

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    It must be a good game? I went out to buy it this morning went everywhere gamestop, ebgames, bestbuy, toysrus, circuitcity, walmart, meijer its out of stock everywhere I even called some gamestop/ebgame stores in the next town and they were sold out as well >_<

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    woah! hope its about soon, id like to try this game too as i like rpg games.


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