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    Starlight Guest

    Monster Hunter Tops Two Million in Japan

    A new record for the PSP! Monster Hunter keeps on selling over in Japan. The latest milestone represents a first both for the series and for the PSP: double platinum.

    Capcom announced today that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has crossed the two million mark in Japanese shipments. This is the first time the Monster Hunter series has reached this mark, and is also a first for a Japanese PSP title.

    While this is a shipped figure, the title is still one of the hottest titles at retail. The latest numbers from tracker Media Create have it in second place for last week, trailing just behind Mario Kart Wii.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    teadiddy Guest
    i hope the next monster hunter will have online play.

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    Muzikdude Guest
    Ever since my buddy let me borrow his copy of Monster Hunter for ps2 a while back, I've loved the series. PS3 Monster Hunter anyone? = )

    Ever since I've played monster hunter at my friends place a long time ago, on ps2... I've been HOOKED! So fun =D

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    jtp4455 Guest
    Monster Hunter is a freakin' beast in Japan.

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