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    Monster Hunter Portable 2nd PSP

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    Hmm, no topic for this yet I guess.

    Anyway works fine in 3.03 OE-C, CSO lvl 9 compression. I had to turn the NO UMD option in recovery mode to off btw, don't know if others have had this issue.

    Fun game, worth a check out if you liked the first

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    Added to the Master List- Thanks!

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    Just about to play this. I loved the first one. Anyone know of any cool new stuff?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2quick4u View Post
    got hold of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd JAP version and can confirm working on 3.10 OE-A2.

    Game looks better than the first one graphicaly. Gameplay should be based around the first one. i couldn't figure out the menus as i don't understand japanese. So i guess i'll stick to fninsiging off the first until the PAL version releases. :-)
    You mean EUR not PAL right?

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    lots of new stuff, and pretty cool stuff too. That include new weapons, armours, monsters, farm activity and maps. The only problem is cant read Jap which is a pain when its comes to understanding what the mission need, but it seems easier to gather the materials than MH1

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    Taken from GameFaqs. list of quests translated. not 100% complete.

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    o.O thanks for the quest translations but... What I really having problem with is identifying which monster is which those monsters sure have weird names XD

    I remember doin a 'kill 10 crabby' quest, thing is I didn't know I had to kill the crabs instead of the kutku and the velocidrome that spawn in that same quest =/ the quest almost timed out before i decided to just try kill everything in the map

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    I Wish Some1 made a RIPKIT

    I Wish Some1 made a RIPKIT.... The Videos are pointless now after you've completed the game -_-"


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