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    MC3:DUB = Terrible loading times... still worth the money?

    I as well as many others of you have been following the release of Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition till today when it finally released... This was one of my "must own" games for the psp. Well I read the review for the game that was just posted on and they gave the highly anticipated game a 7.1.

    Why you ask?? Well there were a couple of noticeable hiccups in the gameplay which were not that bad and in the end didn't really justify such a low score... But infact what made the score so low was the intolerable 70 second (yes that is 7 and 0 as in one minute and ten seconds) load time in between EACH & EVERY race. Not to mention that the same loading times apply to the multiplayer as well...

    And on top of that even while you are customizing your car you can expect long loading times:
    As quoted from IGN: " Switching cars takes what feels like forever, the stat bars don't always load in the meantime, and there's a full pause while you wait for the 3D car to load instead of having the car model load in the background. Even the menus take their dear, sweet time to load, and forget about the FMV -- having to reload the game just to take a quick refresher glance at the cinematic of one 15-second tutorial clip is like a rule across your knuckles when you're trying to learn."

    This alone is the one thing that prevented me from even thinking about purchasing this game anymore. The only other game that I could think of that had loading times as bad as that was GTA3 and that was for the introduction while this game does this for every race... I mean long loading times shouldve and to some probably was expected, but 70 sec loading times per race? Thats horrible....

    What do you guys think about this? Will this news be affecting your decision on whether or not you will purchase it as it has mine?

    I am asking this question in regards to how the game runs on the PSP version as opposed to your feelings on the game itself, as most people who are thinking about buying it for the PSP already have a thorough knowledge of the game.
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    I have the PS2 version of the game. As far as I'm concerned, as long as the game is also released for PS2, I'll stick with the PS2 version unless it's super good. One example of this, is GT4. I was planning on getting the game once it comes out. But it hasn't been released yet and the fact that it's going to require a firmware update just makes it unlikely.

    As for the loadtime, it sounds pretty bad, seems like I AM better off with my PS2 version.

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    I don't like racing games in general (except wipeout), and surely I won't be buying a oh-my-god-how-cool-it-is hyped game, simply because some guys made it with oh-my-god-so-cool-and-trendy car magazine. Why? Such games are always a pile of rubbish. As for the game, my complain is the same as for NFSU - you don't make a mod car by stuffing it with lot of crap a la Pimp My Ride. No, you are not looking cool having flashy-colored car with lcds and PS2. You are just a moron. Now, if NFSU offered me 20 different engine types and other equipment to put INSIDE the car (and I'm talking about technical stuff), each with SIGNIFICANT impact on how the car drives - then I might consider buying such a game.

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    SLOW Loading time threw me off of this game

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