Going to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show this month?

Then make sure you take your PSP with you - Konami will be giving away an exclusive Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo at the event.

To quote: "According to Konami's TGS site, the Tokyo Game Show will be the venue to debut the demo - the only requirement being that you have a PSP with you and can stand to wait in what will surely be a mahoosive queue.

The game will of course be playable on the show floor, but that's no contest for being able to play it on the bus back to the hotel."

[imglink=http://www.ps4news.com/images/img_16093.jpg|MGS Peace Walker PSP Demo to be Distributed at TGS 2009]http://www.ps4news.com/images.php?sm=1&f=img_16093.jpg&w=500&h=400[/imglink]
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