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Thread: Metal Slug XX Hits PSP on February 23, Win Metal Slug Goodies!

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    Metal Slug XX Hits PSP on February 23, Win Metal Slug Goodies!

    Today Atlus' Manager of Public Relations and Sales Aram Jabbari has revealed that Metal Slug XX will hit PSP on February 23, 2010 and also fans can win some Metal Slug Goodies!

    To quote: Do you spend your days longing for a colorful, fast-paced throwback to the good old days of arcade action games? Do you daydream about grabbing an ally and riddling wave after wave of enemy soldiers with an endless stream of lead? Does your PlayStation Portable whisper to you, asking you to sate its hunger for old school awesome?

    If so, seek help, but also, check out Metal Slug XX, coming February 23 to a PSP system near you (preferably yours).

    Metal Slug XX explodes with the same winning formula of over-the-top action and cartoon mayhem that's kept Metal Slug a premier franchise for over a decade.

    Frantic and fun, serious Metal Slug fans and casual gamers alike can relive the glory and charm of old school cooperative arcade play, teaming with a friend via ad-hoc multiplayer to outrun and outshoot hundreds of enemies and liberate as many prisoners as possible.

    And there's more here than just running and gunning, although as the test of time has proven, the running and gunning in this series can stand alone pretty darn nicely. There's also a Combat School, which offers Metal Slug veterans a chance to put their cred on the line in over 70 challenging mission-based trials.

    Ultimate Metal Slug fans can purchase Leona, a seventh playable character with her own unique abilities, via PlayStation Store for just 99 cents!

    To celebrate the game's announcement and/or upcoming release, we've got a small handful of rare collectibles to give away.

    First off, FOUR random commenters will get some nifty Metal Slug boxers. They're not quite for wearing, although we're sure as long as you're good about keeping things under control that they'll last you a nice long time, but they're certainly the perfect prize for a Metal Slug fan to show off. Guffaw at your friends as they look with envy at your striped blue and white authentic Metal Slug boxers.

    We've also got NINE Japanese promotional posters to give away. Nothing says hardcore like a poster in a language you and/or your friends may not speak!

    All you need to do to be eligible, aside from being a resident of the United States or Canada, is comment under this post in response to the following: what is your favorite aspect of Metal Slug? We'll randomly choose winners and get in touch with you!

    Lock and load, friends: Metal Slug XX is set for release on February 23, 2010! We'll be back soon with more info about this explosive upcoming retro romp!

    [imglink=|Metal Slug XX Hits PSP on February 23, Win Metal Slug Goodies!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Metal Slug XX Hits PSP on February 23, Win Metal Slug Goodies!][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Metal Slug XX Hits PSP on February 23, Win Metal Slug Goodies!][/imglink]
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    Poopsqueege Guest
    That's awesome! I play metal slug pretty much every time I see the arcade game. Its got to be one of the best side-scroller arcade games ever.

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    Agreed.. I actually LOVE the Metal Slug series myself, and play it all the time on MAME.

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    GotNoUsername Guest


    The additional char sounds great ^^ I love the game XD played for years in several versions now.

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    Jonny202003 Guest
    I love the sounds they make when they die, and of course the awesome announcer - "rocket laawncher" lol

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