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    Starlight Guest

    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP Collectors Edition is Coming

    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will not only be getting a PSP Bundle but it will also receive a Collector's Edition for hardcore fans.

    To quote: If you want to receive an exclusive artbook of the game, you might want to dish out an extra $10 for the Collector's Edition, which will be cost $49.99. No, you will not get a dog tag or Snake's Bandanna; just an artbook and maybe a nice case.

    Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Collector's Edition will be released when the game comes out in June. Check back with us for our review as the release date approaches. Pre-order the Collector's Edition now via GameStop.

    The Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Collector's Edition comes with:

    - Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Game
    - Exclusive artbook

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    vejjetto Guest
    I've been needing to get a PSP for awhile now, and the Disidia combo just wasn't doing it for me. However after I saw this I was like OMG I need it, plus I'm huge MGS fan, so ya I give Kojima all my hard earned money.

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    mmanolos Guest
    Please, anyone knows if Peace Walker can be played as a standalone PS3 port (outside the MGS' collections)? Or the only way is to convert and play a PSP image?

    Sorry for the newbie question, I never played a PSP game on PS3 but I need to fill the gap before MGS5 comes out.

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