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    Memory Stick directory

    I copied the nes emu on my m.s... then today i went to delete it, and it says it cannot delete the directory 'mapper'.. when i go to game\nes\nes\mapper there is a file in there titled 022.h it says it is 0k and when i try to open it, it says it is corrupted, and this is also what it says whenever i try to delete. i tried goin to dos and delete it from there, but whenever i delete it, it just comes back. any ideas?

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    Best thing I can think of is to copy all your files to your PC's HDD, reformat the card, then copy them back.

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    Memory Stick Woes Begin

    Have you tried to completely reformat the memory stick. If not then try that but be warned that this is how my memory stick started to go out on me. I suggest that when you reformat the stick you do so using the psp utility with the memory stick in the psp.

    When my card went out I tried to reformat the stick in a card reader / writer attached to my pc and the next thing I knew I was sending the memory stick to Sandisk for warranty replacement.

    Good luck! Hopefully using the psp to reformat the memory stick will prevent you from going thru what I went thru. :barf:

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    SoCalBluetooth... the EXACT same thing happened to me. I was copying stuff from my PC to my duo, when the operation failed... instead a ton a junk folders with crazy names were created on the duo, and they could not be deleted... the psp was unable to format it, but i finally got the computer to do the job.... minutes later, my 1gig duo card was fried. it formatted okay, let me copy stuff to it, but then after using it in the psp during a doom swap attempt, it was no longer readable/detected by the psp nor the computer... and now i've got to wait up to a month to get the replacement from sandisk...

    sucks, eh?

    i'm definitely hoping for some alternate method in the near future, as i believe other ppl will experience memory stick failures in the coming days.

    if there were a smaller mem stick->duo converter, then the memory stick select (128megsx2)option would be ideal.


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    if you are just using emus right now, why not buy and use a cheap used 32mb stick? that has been plenty for me and i got mine used at the local gameshop for $8. I won't cry over losing $8. Right now, the gig sticks should be saved and used for music and videos. there really isn't any reason to use them for emulators since realistically you won't ever play that many roms before you can get back to your computer and load some more up.

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    Would these occurences have anything to do with the reformatting with the Fat32 system instead of the Fat16 system that PSP uses? I've heard that some people format it through their computer with the Fat32 system in order to save some MB's on your card...

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    Just run chkdsk on it (Windows).

    chkdsk x: /f

    X: is your PSP's MS-drive.

    It worked perfectly for me...

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