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    Me And My Katamari PSP

    has anyone figured out how to get this game to work yet :??

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    I bought this game and now its collecting dust in my drawer... And I'm afraid that my will power is gonna dry up and that I'll upgrade to 2.6 just to play it... DAMN YOU SONY!!

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    Here's to hoping for a fix for this game!

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    I'm going to try it with runumd, but it's so big, what can i rip out to take the size down?

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    is it possible to run the umd version on 1.5?

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    Tried using the actual UMD with RunUMD and MPH... no love.

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    I've tried every method out there. None of them work because the game doesn't support anything lower than the 2.6 Firmware. I'm really hoping someone finds a way.

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    It's confirmed that the Japanese version of this game works with RunUMD. So I extracted the jap iso and edited the boot.bin file, but when i press X i hear my UMD drive clicking and I see some japanese text in the right bottom corner of the screen, it think it says loading. So it has custom protection i think

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    I want this game SO BAD!!!!! I just got Katamari Damacy, but PCSX2 won't run it. I am going through withdrawal

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    @ lenselijer

    Hi there, i also tried it with the modified runUMD tool but i only own a 1 GB Memorystick and had to replace the sound/strbody.bin - file with a dummy. I wasn't surprised that it didn't worked (unless the text message in japanese). So i guess you tested it with the 2 GB stick and it also don't worked? damn...

    If it would work with the american/european UMD with runUMD or MPH loader i would buy this game - upgrading is no option for me! Well, the waiting for better times goes on... :??

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