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    Registered User lenselijer's Avatar
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    Yea, I didnt rip or dummy any file and i got the same japanese text as you. But it's strange because the UMD is reported to work fine with RunUMD, so I think some other files need to be replaced...

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    I cancelled only the update folder and the game became 1.2 gb. I also changed the prx with the ones from Naruto (the ones for the working sounds). The game started but freeze on "NOW LOADING".
    I will try with prx files from Syphon Filter but I don't think the problem are those files...

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    Well, I bought the US version a few days ago. Like everybody else, looking for a way to make this work either from UMD, MemoryStick, or both.

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    Does the US UMD run with RunUMD? The JP version is reported to work this way.

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    has anyone tried the jap iso with the generic no umd loader?

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    i think it has lba checks

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    Same here. I have the US UMD and cant run it w/out update. Cannot get to the Japanese ISO to run. 2GB card untouched ISOs.

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    same problem here... just got the loading screen (jap version). i hope it will be fixed soon. i would also really like to see a method to get the game working from the original UMD... i hope there will be someone soon to make something for that because i don't want to upgrade if i buy a new game, i want to keep all the great homebrew

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    This game is 1.7gb. how do we rip the MUSIC from that giant sound file? /PSP_GAME/USRDIR/SOUND/strbody.bin

    It is 857.6 mb, and if the music was ripped it could probably fit on 1gb stick. We can also rip the UPDATE & MOVIES ... any suggestions? We may as well figure this part out, otherwise it will only fit on an 2gb. It's only a matter of time before this one's cracked, I'd bet.

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    Not really a point in ripping it to fit on a 1G stick until somecan can load it up.


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