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    yes load it up using the untouched iso on devhook .43-.46

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    Saving Katamari

    Anyone get the save to work yet?

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    Save works ok with me in DHv46 (2.71 FW)

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    good news!! thanks man~ me & katamari is a good game!

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    too bad its so big :/

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    Katamari Save game corruption

    Hi, forgive me if this has been answered somewhere else, i couldn't find anything on it using the search but maybe my strings werent correct or specific enough etc. Either way, im running an untouched katamari iso using devhook .46 and all's well for a while, im able to save and to load at least 5 times (by which i mean i've completely exited the game and reboot the psp so im back to 1.5fw) but eventually i get an error where the game claims that it can't access the save file, and im forced to start from scratch. What's odd is that the xmb can see the katamari save file, just not in game. Any thoughts?

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