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    PS3 Directions Buttons Mai Hime Senretsu PSP

    Has anyone got Mai Hime Senretsu working yet? I've got the release by caravan. I have PSP1.5 and can't get it to run with DAX loader and Device Hook.

    The screen turns black and then the PSP turns itself off when I try to run the game. I have not tried editing the PRX files, since I don't know which ones to use. Can someone tell me how to get this game to run? or if there is an available fix around?

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    Yea, I'd like to check this out too

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    Ive got a Daxed version of this working using RUNUMD Loadexec in the new dax loader

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    Apr 2006
    Can someone please make a fix for this game so I can play it perfectly using the Devhook 0.41? I tried both the original iso and the lf rip but I couldn't get it to work.

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    Apr 2006
    I also tried ripping the update folder and replace the PRXs from Bakuretsu, when I start the game, all I got was a black screen.

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    Is this game not popular? No matter what patch I use It always freezes in story mode before even the first battle starts. Patched or unpatched it always freezes. Yet I haven't heard anything about this. Anyone play the game? Ever?

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    any word on this working on 3.03?

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    Here's a FIX maybe Un-Rip kit

    All the info's in the readme. Here you go, a long awaited-likely unanticipated fix. Cheers.


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