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    M33 v3.52?

    Hi all!

    I Updated my PSP 2 weeks ago from v1.50(i was using DEvhook 0.51) to M33 3.52. I was totally amazed everything worked perfect and I was able to use my browser, something that I'd not done since i's bought it bac in sept 2005.

    Then 2 days ago after recharging my battery none of the iso's would boot and my PSP would just freeze?

    I've reinstalled M33 3.52 3 times but still the same? I can't redo the patcher as it's permanent and says that my PSP is already done and it's for v1.50 anyway.

    The only thing that I've noticed that has changed is that theres a Playstation@Spot? & portable tv icons below my Network browser icon that I didn't notice was therebefore?

    Can someone please help me out here as i'm at a loss?
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