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Today M33 released Custom Firmware v3.71 for PSP. From their Web site linked above:

Download: PSP 3.71 M33 CFW [Right-click & Save As, No Password]

"Official Announcement: 3.71 M33 Released. It will be our last but one release. In the near future, it will be released a Slim & Fat Unbricker, and a 1.50 kernel patch.

First of all, thanks for all your donations. It's time to make the Scene think into what has it turned. NOW you can look for guilty ones.

And, to finish, greetings to pspx.ru and all the ones that have helped us in this crusade.

M33 == Dark_AleX"

According to their statement it looks like M33 is Dark_AleX after all in case anyone was confused.

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