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    Looping Movies on PSP

    Ive got a 19 second movie of a fireplace and im trying to figure out how to loop it so that same movie will keep playing. I hit triangle while the movie was playing and turned repeat on but it still stops at the end. Am i doing something wrong? Any help would be great.

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    i believe firmware 2.0 has a video a-b feature... i wouldn't suggest installing that though.

    What do you need this for?
    How large is the video?
    how large is your memory stick?

    I'm thinking your best bet may be to stick the video into an editing program and add it onto it's own end so the video itself keeps repeating without hardware.

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    Well It would just be cool to have a fireplace in the corner of my room, i also have beach scenery and a lava lamp (i have logitech playgear amp so it sounds cool too). The video is 1,696 kb. and i have a 1gb ms. Im definetly not updating to 2.0 sooo is there a program i can use? I cant believe that it wont just loop the video over and over.

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    Sounds like he's describing PSPimped v1.1... maybe worth checking out, eh?

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    YEAH!! I got it working. The PSPimped v1.1 is fixed to where it loops. I had the older version. Thanks!

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