SCEA Producer Kumi Yuasa has revealed today that a new LocoRoco Midnight Carnival PSP strategy guide hits the PlayStation Store today for $1.99.

To quote: We released LocoRoco Midnight Carnival last year, introducing the craziest most challenging Loco adventure yet.

For those who found the game rather difficult to clear, or those who want to find out more about the game, we've just released the digital strategy guide for LocoRoco Midnight Carnival!

The guide has just been released yesterday on the PlayStation Store for $1.99. It's a digital interactive strategy guide, not only to guide you through the levels, but also include many more features as shown below.

- Explore full detailed maps of all levels AND replay movies
- Zoom-in on details and information
- All pages include in-game music for your viewing pleasure
- Refresh your memory on basic controls, as well as tips and techniques
- Additional artwork and music lyrics also included

We also have great news for new players! LocoRoco Midnight Carnival is now on sale for $7.49! Perfect timing for those of you who want to get Loco for the up coming summer season!

But wait, there is more! New players to LocoRoco Midnight Carnival can also find the full game and the additional pack bundled together with the digital strategy guide! L

ocoRoco Midnight Bundle, the ultimate edition which includes LocoRoco MC full game + BuiBui pack + official strategy guide has just been released at the price of just $9.99! If you are new to LocoRoco now is the best time to give this a go!

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