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    LocoRoco Midnight Carnival PSP and PC Festive Wallpapers Arrive

    Today SCEE European Producer Florence Kum has made available a few LocoRoco Midnight Carnival festive wallpapers for the PSP and PC, as follows:

    Hope you are all looking forward to the holiday season? We've been pretty busy over here but we have a holiday wallpaper to keep you in the festive mood. Enjoy!!

    For the PSP version simply download to your memory stick, and set it as your default wallpaper!

    Keep safe and most of all keep warm! Try a bit of bouncing?

    Those interested can grab both a 480x272 PSP and a 1024x768 PC LocoRoco Midnight Carnival wallpaper below.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Lazy Boy Guest
    Just got the game yesterday, And this wallpaper is going to fit perfectly.


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