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Thread: LocoRoco 2 for Sony PSP Sweepstakes - Enter to Win Today!

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    LocoRoco 2 for Sony PSP Sweepstakes - Enter to Win Today!

    SCEA Associate Product Marketing Manager Chuck Lacson announced an online sweepstakes to give everyone a chance to "Get Loco!" and win LocoRoco prizes as LocoRoco 2 ships to stores today.

    Go to or better yet, just click this link to get the sweeps page. It costs nothing to enter and you can enter once a day you if you want to increase your chances to win! So good luck to everyone and stay on the PS Blog for an update on how the press feels about LocoRoco 2! Prizes:

    - A slick Piano Black PSP-3000 with all the new features no less! Did you know that you can get LocoRoco on your cell phone too? Yup! For those of you who accidentally leave your PSP at home, the new LocoRoco Hi game lets you can take the "tilt and roll" experience with you on your handset.

    - So we are giving you a chance to score a new Sony Ericsson w760 handset with the game already pre-loaded so you have no excuse to get more Loco in your life! If those prizes weren't enough, we got these "one-of-a kind" LocoRoco items that you won't be able to get anywhere else.

    - Now this pen won't improve your handwriting, but watching your favorite LocoRoco character float from left to right as you tilt your pen will definitely put a smile on your face. And last but not least, my favorite item, the official LocoRoco Stress Reliever!

    - With less than 500 of these in existence, this irresistible item is a "must-have" to all LocoRoco fans out there. LocoRoco has always been one of those games that instantly make you happy - it makes total sense to have an item like this to hold on to on those crazy stressful days!

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    Mantagtj Guest
    Darn, it's U.S. Only (sorry!)

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    hacked2123 Guest
    if someone could post the jad jar files for another phone I can probably port the locoroco hi game to work on blackjack II... since they won't let me purchase it and forcible run it.

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