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Thread: LittleBigPlanet is Coming to Sony's PlayStation Portable Console

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    Starlight Guest

    LittleBigPlanet is Coming to Sony's PlayStation Portable Console

    As first announced earlier today, Media Molecule confirmed the long speculated rumors that the adorable SackBoy will be making his way onto the PlayStation Portable sometime this Fall.

    Over the last several months and shortly before release of the PlayStation 3 version, there was an enormous amount of belief that these rumors were true, and finally they've come to fruition.

    Sony declared that LittleBigPlanet will hit the PSP while offering new levels and the ability to play, create, and share with users much like its PS3 counterpart. It wasn't disclosed if cross-platform functionality would be included, but who are we kidding, it would be a no brainer.

    If the PlayStation 3's DLC wasn't draining your wallets enough as is, we're sure the company has more content planned on the way for its Mini-SackBoy as well.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Hellz yeah! Well I already knew it. But I like how they announce the date. LBPP is going to be a top PSP seller. I expect sales of the PSP unit to go up by at least 5 million just because of that game.

    Now they need Little Big Racing. where it's like Mario Kart only you can make your own track. Also all sackboy costumes from LBP have to be transferable. Then Little Big Party! Okay that was a bad joke. Little Big First Person Shooter sounds a lot better.

    But in all seriousness they need to pick Sackboy up and run with it. Mario is called the whor... Mascot of Nintendo Sackboy should be Sony's.

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    residentour Guest
    I wonder how will the PSP version be. Physics won't be a problem but lots of fx like hdr and motion blur will be absence.

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    The 69th Floor Guest


    It's nice to see that the PSP is getting some cool new games! It's about time to! LittleBigPlanet and Motorstorm could be two big PSP games. Fingers crossed...

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    BlackMamba7 Guest
    If this had some cross-platform functionality I'd so buy this... Not enough games out there that allow combining the PSP and PS3. Most interesting thing I've heard of was the Gran Turismo thing they showed off at some convention... but that still didn't even do much...

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    MetalLord Guest
    finally sony is making it. kinda disappointing when they released it and had no psp version.. definitely going to buy.

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    Pongo86 Guest
    As mentioned before, i hope there's PS3 intergration as it would be awesome to transfer your sack person from PS3 to PSP and back again, a little like how the Wii's Mii's can be moved about.

    I like the idea of the PSP version having a new and unique story with new levels, otherwise it would turn into the GTA4 fiasco when the trophies turned up and the majority of people couldn't be bothered to redo everything again after the amount of time spent on it.

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    XcyncroJ Guest

    Smile Little BIG Planet

    Most Excellent!!

    LOVE THIS GAME!! Will be great on PSP too! Tilt screen like the sixaxxis would be great!

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    japademyx Guest
    This game looks incredible! I'll buy it!

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    BoB HaoLe Guest
    i love playing this game at home. soon i can take it with me!

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