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    Smile Legend Of Heroes: A Tear Of Vermillion PSP

    Not that there's any problem with this game but to have it added to the master list (which I've been using for a comprehensive list of PSP games) Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion is actually missing.

    So, to fill out this post, here's some BlahBlahBlah about the game itself:

    The second of Nihon Falcom's trilogy of RPGs, resurrected for the PlayStation Portable after release years before on PC systems. Known by the long name Eiyuu Densetsu Gagharv Trilogy: Akai Shizuku in Japan, the sequel features a new main character and storyline as you take control of Avin in his search for his younger sister Emille. Bandai has improved upon the original with a new battle system and quicker load times. Fans will take note of the changes to the world of Gagharv which appear because of the time gab between the stories of this and the original. Those who have clear data from the original are able to play play an extra scenario in which characters from the original appear as party members.

    This RPG came to America as The Legend of Heroes, but the game is actually the second in a series of RPGs.

    Special Features
    Classic rpg game play featuring an epic storyline with over 100 characters; some of the most beautiful crafted 3d environments available on the PSP system; more than 50 hours of game play; unique pet system use your furry friends to help you on your journey; from the legendary Nihon Falcom; the creators of the "Ys," "Brandish" and "Sorcerian series.

    Directional-buttons: movement or select
    X-button: confirm or speak
    hold triangle-button: fast forward text
    triangle-button: cancel
    square-button: open menu
    circle-button: pet menu
    L or R-button: change between characters
    start-button: use on main title
    analog stick: movement or select.

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    Added to the Master List- Thanks!

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