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    Spent 75 on 256mb Switch Mem stick and P800 phone adapter, so could do
    1 card Home Brew

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    Why is this not on the front page?

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    I've also bought extra memory card for the swaploit, but hey - it's way better to run homebrew straight from memory card. I'm not complaining - I bought another 32 MB card for 10$, but those stick can even reach 15$ on auctions im my country.

    This is great news and great progress. I really admire you Pawstick and Killer-x for your hard work! You guys rock! I strongly believe that you will be the first to bring us more revolutionary news about psps

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    this is awesome! glad i didnt try the swap method now that this coming out. any chance of an early release like the last one?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheBrooster
    Why is this not on the front page?
    Perhaps because the Admins who post news each day 365 days a year here have to sleep also... it doesn't help we're on a different timezone than the PS2-DEV guys either. In any case, it'll be added shortly but the real action appears to be in this thread anyway.

    Update: The News is now mirrored on our Main Page!

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    This is great. Now that I've got my real life collection of Genesis, SNES, some of Gameboy and GBC games (most of mine are hard to find it seems) on there, this really will become the ultimate travel system. Once we get a GBA emulator, it's over!

    I haven't been using the swap trick when I'm out and about. Kinda difficult on the bus, ya know? There's the fear of losing the card and all. This will make the PSP the ultimate portable gaming solution (until $ony forces updates)

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    Quote Originally Posted by bassiumz
    woo! *drinks tea* ah now gotta go back to coffee to stay awake till this exploit comes
    Darn right *sip* haha This is most excellent news!

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    You aint kiddin. I thought the next thing would be a bios flash but this is even better! Thanks PSP-DEV you guys are awesome.

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    damn!!! grat new!!!!!!
    bUt WhY???????????????????????
    WhY do We WaiT MoRe AgAIn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    But will it let me play NeoGeoCD emu

    But will it let me play NeoGeoCD emu
    app does not work on 1.5 with Swop method
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