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    Kojima Productions Hints at MGS: Peace Walker PSP Surprise

    A recent post on the Kojima Productions blog drops hints the company might be getting ready to reveal a long-awaited Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP surprise.

    In the post, PR manager Jiro Oishi says the following after talking about touring Japan to show off the co-op play in Peace Walker, to quote:

    "However, in truth, there's another ultimate charm outside of co-op play hidden in PW."

    The original birth of this news came from an earlier blog entry by Hideo Kojima himself, so it is likely that Oishi and Kojima are both speaking about the same unannounced feature.

    To date, there hasn't been any such announcement for the game that would make people rush out to buy a PSP, so only time will tell what surprise Peace Walker may hold for fans.

    Kojima Productions Hints at MGS: Peace Walker PSP Surprise

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    Big Grin MGS!

    Damnn i think i will get a PSP just for this game.. I LOVE MGS!

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    Sep 2008
    Comes out the day after my birthday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CyanCaze View Post
    Comes out the day after my birthday.
    It's a destiny for you to buy it ^^

    As for me, I tried demo, but can't get used to controlling scheme after PS2 and PS3.

    Personally I can't play any action/FPS games on PSP because of this, even missed Resistance Retribution because it's somehow difficult to control character and camera

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    Definitely the best mgs game made for PSP. But what I am more interested is the new Metal Gear game rising. Have not heard anything new after the E3 announcement.

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    Its Time

    Time to get a PSP man, I can't wait for this anymore

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    Dec 2008
    The only thing I hope is that the story won't get boring... or crazy, or have all kinds of nonsense things. PsP here I go.

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    A port to the PS3 in high def Blu-ray would be nice if that were the surprise, lol...

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