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    Apr 2005

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep PSP Video Leaked!

    This is a leaked trailer of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, emailed to KHInsider by Johnhay Ancheta showcasing two full minutes of footage. You'll have to excuse the quality, as the clip was recorded on a cellphone, but despite this, the game looks fantastic. Look forward to a more detailed in depth look soon!

    As with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, it's clear that we can expect visuals that rival even some of the more impressive PS2 titles.

    A release date for Birth By Sleep has yet to be announced.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Alys Guest
    I want this game so darn bad :3 Why isn't it out yet? That trailer looks awesome, even if it covers mostly what's in the FM2+ video~

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    Frenetic26 Guest
    This looks brilliant, I enjoyed the other 2 Kingdom hearts on PS2 I have no doubt in my mind I won't enjoy this one!

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    Karu Takahashi Guest
    The main reason I got a PSP was for Crisis Core, and now that I've looked here it hit me like a sack of bricks. "I can get Birth by Sleep now!". The Kingdom Hearts series is just pure genius if you ask me. This game looks terrific.

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    Xodome Guest
    Last Kingdom Hearts game I played was on PS2. I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 stays Playstation 3 exclusive. I would be so disappointed if it was Wii exclusive. But I'll be picking this up on PSP... whenever it comes out.

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