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Thread: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep PSP Release Date Announced

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    Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep PSP Release Date Announced

    The release date for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep for Sony's PSP console has been something of an oddity, at least up until recently.

    Square Enix finally gave fans some clue, as they announced it would be coming in "January".

    However, it looks like they've finally given in and announced a more definitive date, as Japanese site FF Reunion claims to have the official release date for the game.

    The release date? January 9th, 2010. This is only the Japanese release date though, so there's still no word about the North American or European releases.

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    It is cool that another Kingdom Hearts is on the rise again, but I'd prefer Square Enix releasing another Kingdom Hearts game on the Playstation 3.

    This new title for the PSP will probably be a good release like the others for the fans (including myself) of the series, but I was kind of hoping for a PS3 version of the title sooner than later. And thats whether its Kingdom Hearts 3 or another Kingdom Hearts-based game like this upcoming one for PSP.

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