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    Registered User NeoKyo's Avatar
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    Japanese PSP with v1.50 firmware or European release PSP?

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    Hi, I live in Australia and got screwed with a very crappy release date (1st of September, the same date as other European countries).

    However, I am seriously thinking about purchasing a Japanese 1.5 firmware psp that is stocked (down the street from my home infact heheh) instead of an Australian version one.

    I know that the major difference would be the region coded UMD movies (I probably would not watch anyway, would like to scab off a friend) which would then maybe be defeated by some exploit in the future.

    But I am just wondering if there are any other differences.
    For example, I have read on the internet that apparently the Japanese console has a higher quality screen? Also is there anything special planned such as a basic upgraded console in the Australian/European release that anyone would know of.

    Warranty is another issue which I have decided is risky, due to a 3 month only warranty on the console both officially and from the store.

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    hmm yeah I understand that, used to jap games on PS2 and some games like MGS2 and 3 hehee...not much of a noticeable difference

    though would there be any difference in the physical quality of the parts? also, how long is the manufacturers warranty for the US psp?

    if 3 months is the average for warranty it seems quite short however, if it is the worldwide period it doesnt seem that bad. just worried about bad pixels and not being able to fix them >_<

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    You are probably aware of this but I'll mention it anyways: there is a very good chance (in fact, I'd wager a guess and pretty damn close to 100%) that the Australian PSPs will be flashed with a post-1.50 firmware (most likely 1.53 or whatever revision they can come up with). So, buh-bye homebrew.

    The whole warranty situation is indeed a concern. I imported my PSP and I was worried about the very limited warranty. You can find good deals with 6-months-warranties online (mostly from HK-based dealers). But there's a good chance that you'll pay extra for S&H and more importantly customs. Having a local dealer has the obvious advantage of being able to check stuff out (ie. checking for dead pxiels, verifying that it's really 1.50 vs. just checking the box, that sort of thing).

    In the end, you'll have to decide for yourself. But as leering said, the differences between the Japanese PSP and the European/Australian version will most likely be miniscule. That may change if the EU/AU PSPs come pre-flashed with a new firmware but that's not really a problem since you always have the option of upgrading (at the cost of losing the ability to run unsigned code).

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    hm yeah, homebrew is one of the main reasons for purchasing a psp however, the major issue now i believe for myself is the warranty
    three months seem to short
    though I think ill settle on buying an Australian psp, might be better off in the long term due to mainly the concern of warranty. It would suck to have some hardware damage issue concerning homebrew ( as it is still is in its early days) and then having no option but to pay for an expensive repair plus handling and shipping overseas uh

    looks like ill just be sitting out it out until someone finds a break through for v1.5 + firmware hah

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    well you might be sitting out for a good while if your waiting for that to happen. iv had my psp for 5 months or so and its been running just as well as the day i got it. personaly i would go with the jap ver since u may never beable to run homebrew. And something i noticed with most electronics if they dont brake in 2-3 months after you bought them they arnt likly to break, unless ur abnormaly rough with them.

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    Lilxpoopookooko have you got the game to work ? I'm getting the loading screen but it keeps loading. Are you suppose to pull out the wipeout umd when it loads the game?


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