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Thread: iR Shell v3.8 for PSP released!

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    iR Shell v3.8 for PSP released!

    Update: v3.81 is out which fixes a few bugs. Grab it here: v3.81 Update / v3.81 Update [Mirror] / v3.81 Full / v3.81 Full [Mirror]

    v3.81 Changes:

    <li>Fixed a critical bug in the iR Shell firmware patch which results in unable to launch UMD in XMB and also causes various incompatibility issues with other homebrew apps & seplugins. Just apply the new patch and all issues will be resolved.
    <li>Fixed a bug in Contect Menu which wouldn't allow you to choose "Select" or "Start" menu items.

    AhMan has just released a new version of iR Shell that adds support for the PSP Slim, along with various other new features. iR Shell is a multi-tasking shell that allows users to run UMD games and homebrew, among many other things via user-friendly menu interface.

    He notes that all existing and new features are the same between the Phat and the Slim with the exception of the Slim not being able to use the Infra-Red remote (since the Slim does not have an Infra-Red port).

    Download: iR Shell v3.8 for PSP / iR Shell v3.8 for PSP [Mirror]

    Here is a list of feature highlights:

    <li>Supports the latest M33 firmwares across both Phat & Slim. Slim users can choose among 3.60M33, 3.71M33-1 to 3.71M33-3.
    <li>PSOne 2-Player Adhoc Support.
    <li>Introduces a new Context Menu System. Functions (plugins) under context menu will always be available to all file types, similar to the right mouse menu click under Windows.
    <li>Added a new Multi-tasking PRX Plugin System. This allows user written PRX Plugins for iR Shell to multi-task with another game/app. The included PRX HTML/Text Viewer developed by korDen allows you to view HTML & Text documents while playing games or homebrews..
    <li>With the help from Dark_AleX, support to M33 & NP9660 No UMD Modes have been added. NetHostFS & UsbHostFS are also available for the No UMD modes.
    <li>Added support to the latest Popsloader for 3.71M33-3 by Dark_AleX.
    <li>Allow random start of MP3 for the alarm clock function, so you'll be greeted with different tunes each morning.
    <li>Added the options to put your PSP to auto-sleep while idle to save battery.
    <li>Allows you to press Hot-Key to turn off/on all LEDs. The annonying memory stick or WiFi LEDs will no longer distract you from watching your favorite video/movie.
    <li>Support TV-Out for Slim via component cable.
    <li>Added the display of volume bar for PSP main volume in iR Shell.
    <li>Plus numerous bug fixes.

    [imglink=|iR Shell v3.8 for PSP released!][/imglink]

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    is there a way to install nethosts and usbhosts on ydl linux? If so, tutorials would be helpful. For those with a f-ed up PC, it would be useful. (My wifi works fine on ydl)

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