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    Does anyone know the possibility of porting usbhostfs to ipod. Ipod's can have the linux os now. It would be pretty sweet to stream isos from a 60gb ipod whenever you want. :??

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    try it!

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    I'll give it a look when my ipod comes in next week, I haven't done any development for a linux environment before but I assume it wouldn't be too difficult.

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    I'm not sure which would be easier to program for RockBox/linux. But if rockbox is possible that would be great, then many different supported mp3 players could be used as file hosts. Once my ipod comes in I'm going to look into this thoroughly. I have done limited amounts of C, but I'm very experienced with Java which holds many of the same constructs. I'll keep you updated on my progress with this.

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    great idea!

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    Damn I thought of the idea as using the Photo USB Attachment for the iPod.

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    iPods don't have that much security. I used a Nano to change the theme, iPodLinux, and font and nothing crashed.

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    Well i got my ipod friday night, haven't had time to mess with it other then for music. Since there is already a usbhostfs for linux, I'm going to see if it could be used/ported to ipod linux. The largest trouble for me that i could see is creating the adapter between the 2 devices, ipod has its own custom connector and psp uses the b type connector.

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    Iit says it can read it, but not the photos...

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    Sweet, that gives me hope that I can do this, one hurdle overcome thanks delirum!

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