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    Your welecome!

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    it seems like ipod linux does not support usb host (yet). but in my opinion ipods support this mode in general like using the "ipod camera connector"


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    Wrote that in Post #7

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    Guys, which way round are you using the ipod? as client or host to the PSP? if its host (which the screenie seems to show) why not take a look at the OTG stuff thats out there already and see if there is anything linux about the way they do stuff.... I noticed the iriver mentioned, if that is the OTG version then it should just be able to read the PSP as is without modification. I have an apacer share steno CD211 w/60GB hdd in it and plugged into PC it is like any ordinary caddie, but plug it into the PSP and it can read it and transfer data from one to the other. Regarding cabling, you will need a mini-b to A (extenstion end, that should allow the Ipod cable to plug into it) I know a company in the UK called Hills Components stock a lot of different USB cables, maybe they can help.

    The way I would really like to see it work would be the other way round, giving PSP the ability to read data from the OTG device, but I think that would maybe mean a rewrite of the usbhostfs stuff to accomodate for these types of devices.

    Edit: just to let u know the Apacer OTG device has a multifunction 'mini' USB socket which is type A and Type B mini compatible.

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    This would be amazing.. When i got my PSP in november of last year i dreamed of the day i could connect my ipod to it.... to watch movies, games mp3s you name it. So what i can i do to help?

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    I have RockBox on my iriver H320. Will I be able to run the usbhost from it or overall run my backups from the iriver and play them through DH?

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    I have one of those iPod cameras adapters. I tried imprting photos off the PSP to the iPod. I got as far as the iPod saying it was importing the 5 images. But it never got passed the 1st one.

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    Bznine57, unless rockbox is linux dumped to a firmware (which according to the rockbox faq it isnt) then usbhostfs shouldnt work unfortunately. The h320 does however have OTG support in it. so u should be able to transfer files from it to the psp and vice versa but you wont be able to run iso backups using dh.

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    This is my dream! Stream stuff from iPod.. Looking for a way of doing it for long. I've got the camera connector to..

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    Reggi3: Thank you for the response. Would I be able to connect the H320 to the PSP directly using a female to female usb cable? If so, I can look at the plugin documents and code a usbhost, but not sure how they work just yet.


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