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    I think I FUBAR'd my mem card :/

    Well, got my PSP in the mail today *shakes fist at ubsurdly slow USPS*. First thing I did was pop in the Spider-Man 2 UMD and then Ridge Racer to see how she looked. With the exception of a single dead pixle that the seller convieniently decided not to mention, I was in geek nirvana. One of the next things on my list was to convert a few movies to a compatable PSP format. Since I did not have a compatable PSP USB cable *shakes fist at Sony for being retarded about not packing that very useful tool in with their so called "value-pack"*, I took the mem card out of my PSP and pluged it into my multi-mem card reader. Windows XP read it fine and I was off to the races.

    A few movie swaps later I noticed my movies were bombing out (kept getting the "PSP cannot play this movie" notice). I then pluged in a game to get my mind off that and found out to my surprise that I could not save anything (got a "Cannot access mem card error"). I immediately went into the PSP browser and tried to format the card, got the same damn error: "Failure, cannot access mem card". "NOOOO", I thought. So I immediately pluged the card into my PC and formated it. Didn't make a damn difference. Now I'm stuck. I have a e-mail in to Sony but I doubt I'll hear back for awhile. Any tips or tricks? I know the mem card is not dead due to the fact that I can still read/write to it. I hope I didn't ruin anything already...

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    So after you formatted it on pc can you re-format it in psp?

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    Sony specifically states that you should not format the memory stick duo while in windows,that you should only use the PSP to format the mem stick.....
    But,try this: 1.) Make a folder on your hard drive and call it PSP
    2.) Inside that folder make these folders : SAVEDATA
    this is the file structure originally on the PSP Mem stick.

    If you format the mem stick duo or delete any thing off of it using windows ,the PSP won't recognize that is been formatted or that you've deleted anything off of it,you have to use the PSP to properly format the stick,so I think that your PSP can't read the memstick because the original file structure isn't there anymore or it thinks the memstick is full?

    3.) Make sure that your memstick is completely empty
    by reading it in windows,then send that folder structure
    that you made in step 2 to the PSP.

    then try reading it in your PSP again.....also to play videos you need another folder on the PSP mem stick called MP_ROOT,then inside of that folder a folder called 100MNV01.....They show you exactly how to do it on don't know if this will get your PSP reading you memstick,but it might help,also the memstick is formatted in FAT

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    Yeah, thats the thing. My PSP won't touch it. Oddly enough, even though non of the original PSP files are on the mem card anymore, I can still make a movie folder and play movies on my PSP. I don't get it honestly. I hope sony has a decent answer...

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    First off the card is pre-formatted so you should not have to format it. Secondly, according to the instructions and everything I can find on the web it definetly says don't use windows formatting tool because the PSP uses the standard format on the cards.

    Unfortunetly the answer the instructions give on page 120 is to reformat the card in your PSP. Since that will not work you basically want to get it back to factory spec. Apparently Sandisk was a joint partner in developing the cards so I checked their site and didn't find much. There was a data recovery tool that they offered that might be able to do some fancy formatting, but I am not able to check it out right now.

    Still from what I can see. I think you will get more help from Sandisk than from Sony. Just don't mention the PSP. Say you want to get back to factory spec and hopefully they will have a mem card equivalent to a low level format tool for you.

    Good luck!

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    JT: I read that last night. Even if you arn't supposed to format it in Windows, it shouldn't make a mem card COMPLETELY unusable in a PSP ever again. That would make ZERO sense since a lot of people will probably buy used memory stick pro duo's since they cost so much. I'm wondering if the PSP is worth the bennies I ponied up for it now...

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    I agree Boba, in fact I put another response up that appears to have dissapeared. From what you put I think that the card reader in your PSP might be dead, or freaking out.

    You might want to test it with another card. Would at least be a good first step to make sure we know what is broken.

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    Well, that won't be necessary anymore. I decided that the PSP (at the moment) isn't worth my time. Just sold all my PSP stuff to a friend at a nice profit so I'm not exactly crying right now I'll just have to suffice with my lovely Dell Inspiron 9200 lappy and soon to be owned 56'' widescreen DLP HDTV.

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