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Thread: How to Tune / Hybrid Gran Turismo PSP Cars (CWCheat/AR PSP)

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    How to Tune / Hybrid Gran Turismo PSP Cars (CWCheat/AR PSP)

    How To Hybrid Gran Turismo PSP Cars Guide [CWCheat] Gran Turismo PSP How to Hybrid Cars


    PSP with Custome Firmware Installed, Gran Turismo PSP US Copy, CWCheat 2.3


    My good man known as [COLOR=blue]“Hardtofind”[/COLOR] from GTPlanet is the Guy who uncovered & Decoded the codes that make hybriding in GT PSP possible. Give it up for [COLOR=blue]Hardtofind[/COLOR] for uncovering this.

    Hybriding refers to Cars that have been altered with parts from other cars & or has had its Performance increased through coding. A RX7 with a Corvette engine or a Prius with a Veyron Engine for example. Hybriding is not limited to Engines; other components can be swapped, like suspensions, LSD’s, Divetrtains and others.

    Also on top of switching parts, you can install Stage 1, 2, 3, & 4 Turbo Upgrades, perform Stage 3 Weight reductions, Install a Racing Clutch & Install Adjustable Downforce. Coupled with the Already fully adjustable Suspentions in GT PSP and you can make cars that are quite close to their GT4 Fully Modified counterparts.

    For Videos Check out my youTube Channel

    Unfortunately only the US version hybriding codes have been uncovered and for the Euro edition of the game these codes will not work.

    This can be done with CWCheat or a PR cheat Device. I am only familiar with the Process using CWCheat. The process for PR devices will not be covered.

    [SIZE=5]The Guide[/SIZE]

    To get a better Understanding
    What we are doing is taking parts from powerful cars and installing them on whatever car we want, & or Increasing the performance & top speed of cars through codes. There are also codes for applying adjustable downforce & weight reductions.


    Saving Hybrid Cars & return them to default.
    When the car is modified with these codes the Hybrid car needs to be saved to your Favorites list in order to keep the Hybrid car saved as a Hybrid. To bring the car back to normal simply remove the car from your favorites list, and then re-select it. Upon reselection the car will be brought back to default state.

    How to get the code for a part that you want
    There are 2 ways to obtain the part codes. One is to use the Part codes from GT4. GT PSP shares a large portion of its car list with GT4. Any STOCK part code from GT4 will work in GT PSP so long as the car is available in GT PSP. The other way is to use the Disassembler option in CWCheat to get the codes manually.

    Using the Part codes from GT4
    Fortunately the part codes are the same for GT4, so we can use the codes from GT4 on our GT PSP cars and they work. However if you use the codes from GT4 they need to be altered in order to work. This is very easy to do. The codes are 4 digits for example “1A 2B”. To use the code in GT PSP we simply need to reverse the first 2 digits with the last 2. So our example becomes “2B 1A”.

    Getting the Part codes from GT PSP manually
    We use CWCheat to manually search for the desired part code, and we can use this method to find any cars part code. With CWCheat 2.3 you have an option in the main menu called “Cheat Searcher” In here is the Disassembler, the tool we use to find the codes for a part that we want. We need to go to the address of the Part and take note of the Part code. It’s as simple as that.

    How To Use the Disassembler to Find part Codes
    First you need to have CWCheat 2.3 enabled, and then enter the game. From the main menu in CWCheat select the “Cheat Searcher” option, then in the menu that opens there will be a “disassembler “option. Select this to start searching forparts.

    Once in the Disassembler, you will see a line for Address and next to the address will be a line for value. We need to go to the address of the part we want then take note of the value as the value is the code.
    The address is broken into 2 parts 0000000. In XXXX000, X is the Primary address & 00000XXX is the secondary address. Using D-pad left or right will increase or decrease the Main Address by 1 when hitting the R & L triggers will move it by 10 at a time. Holding the D-pad or triggers will make the address change faster. To change the Secondary Address push D-pad up or D-pad down. All theparts codes are found at the same main address ( 146B000), once there only the secondary part of the address needs to be changed to find the codes we need. Each part has its own address.


    Example A-1
    If you want the Engine code for the Corvette ZR1, first select the ZR1 and get in it. Once you’re in the car we open CWCheat, & then open our Disassembler. There we go to the main address of 146B000, we adjust the secondary address to 268 (address for engines) making the address 146B268, once at the address, the value line displayed is our code. In our example the Value displayed is 00000AAA. 0AAA is our engine code for the ZR1 engine.

    NOTE the engine code in the Pic is 04A5 ( I wasnt in the ZR1 when I took the pic)

    Part Codes
    All part codes are at adress 146BXXX
    XXX =

    268 -

    260 -

    280 -


    288 -

    250 -

    2B0 -

    270 -

    300 -
    304 -

    278 -

    340 -
    344 -
    348 -
    34C -
    350 -
    354 -
    358 -

    TO Give you a head start, Here are the part Codes for the Corvette ZR1

    Corvetter ZR1

    268 = 0x00000AAA

    260 = 0x00000B11

    280 = 0x00001D04

    288 = 0x00002021

    250 = 0x00001006

    270 = 0x00000B4F

    278 = 0x00001A74

    340 = 0x08F20C26
    344 = 0x04BA064A
    348 = 0x032A03E8
    34C = 0x0000029E
    350 = 0x00000000
    354 = 0x00000000
    358 = 0x00000DC5

    Installing Parts on to a Car
    Well now that we found the codes we want to use, we have to install them on the car we want them installed on. This is a 2 part process. The first part is loading the codes; the second is the application process.

    Loading the Codes
    You can either load the codes manually by copying the Hybrid codes into your Cheat.db file, OR use the Cheat.db file I include in the attachment.

    The codes are in Default mode meaning that there is only the Address portion of the code and the value (part to be applied) is filled with 0000. You will need to choose the part you want to install and change the value of the code to the desired cars part code.

    For example, The Engine code.

    Example B-1
    _C0 engine
    _L 0x2146B268 0x00000000
    The part in Bold is the Value. We add the code to the value (using our example the ZR1 engine, if you recall the code is 0AAA) & it will look like....

    Example B-2
    _C0 engine
    _L 0x2146B268 0x00000AAA
    “0x2146B268” This is the Address for the Engine & 0x00000AAA is the value. Edit the last 4 digits of the value with the code for the part you want installed.

    This code is now ready to install the ZR1 engine on any car you want. Once ready enable the code in CWCHeat. This code when enabled will install the Engine of the ZR1 on ANY car you select/save to favorites & enter an event.

    Applying the Codes to a Car
    In order to apply the codes to the car, you need to have the codes you want entered & enabled in CWCheat. That means All the codes for the changes you want to make to that car, Engine, Drivetrain, chassis, transmition, gearbox, etc. When all the codes you want are enabled, go to the car selection page and make the car you’re going to Hybrid a favourite (Hit triangle and add the car to your favourites list) then select the car and get in to drive it. If you’re in it already it’s IMPORTANT to reselect it anyways. Once you have selected the car, enter a race or time trial. The car is now a Hybrid.

    The easy way to confirm the car was successfully made a Hybrid IF you have added a new engine OR adjustable downforce is to go into the Quick Tune Menu, the New HP level will be displayed and or The downforce will be adjustable.

    The Hybrid Codes

    REMEMBER! These codes are in DEFAULT mode and contain NO Part codes. You need to add the part code in before applying the code to have the desired part

    _C0 engine
    _L 0x2146B268 0x00000000
    _C0 chassis
    _L 0x2146B260 0x00000000
    _C0 drivetrain
    _L 0x2146B270 0x00000000
    _C0 tansmission
    _L 0x0146B278 0x00000000
    _C0 LSD
    _L 0x2146B288 0x00000000
    _C0 Suspension
    _L 0x2146B280 0x00000000
    _C0 Brake
    _L 0x2146B250 0x00000000
    _C0 Downforce
    _L 0x2146B2B0 0x00000000
    _C0 Exhaust
    _L 0x2146B300 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B304 0x00000014
    _L 0x2146B278 0x00000000
    _C0 GearBox
    _L 0x2146B340 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B344 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B348 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B34C 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B350 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B354 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B358 0x00000000

    Adjustable Downforce
    If you use the Downforce from a car that has adjustable downforce then you will acquire the ability to adjust the Downforce of the car its applied to.

    Racing cars use generic Downforce codes specific to the Type of Race car, So Rally car will all use the same code (Generally, there are a few with different codes within the Race car type0

    Here is a General Code you can use. Its the Downforce code for GT Race Cars. It will give you

    This code will push the wheels out slightly sometimes giving a wider stance depending on the car it was sourced from.

    Tuning the Gearbox
    Tuning the gearbox is a bit tricky.....
    The transmition code must match the car that the gear box is from or it won’t work.

    The auto setting can be adjusted to increase top speed.

    Example C-1
    _C0 GearBox
    _L 0x2146B340 0x0B650BB8
    _L 0x2146B344 0x074B0886
    _L 0x2146B348 0x059E0659
    _L 0x2146B34C 0x048604F9
    _L 0x2146B350 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B354 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B358 0x000015F4 The bold = the auto setup

    In CWCheat the Code + Dec value will look like...
    ____ADDR______HEX Value___DEC Value_
    _L 0x2146B358 0x000015F4 0000005620

    You change the Dec number to adjust the auto setting decreasing the value will increase the cars top speed.

    Decreasing the X value in example D-1 by 2 will increase the top speed by approximately 5mph.

    Example D-1

    Where Decreasing the X value in example G-2 by 1 will increase the top speed by approximately 50mph

    Example D-2
    This is a test to see the limits as the power of the engine used will dictate whether or not the car is capable of getting to the max gearbox speed.

    Gear Auto Setting (GAS) Tuner
    If you want to keep your original Gearbox but still increase your top speed you can opt to use only the Gearbox Auto Setting Code. At default it will usually have the car max out around 200mph depending on the rev limit of the engine it is applied to. You can manually adjust the Top speed by Adjusting the Final Drive the Exact same way as with a complete gearbox swap.

    _C0 GearBox GAS
    _L 0x2146B358 0x00000A00

    Again you change the DEC value to adjust the auto setting decreasing the value will increase the cars top speed.

    The “GAS” Tuner is a code that is used as a replacement to the Gearbox Code. They cannot be used at the same time.

    Exhaust Modifications
    The exhaust codes works best when you use a car that was originally boosted + boosted engine + Boosted car Exhaust code from a Boosted Racing car. This will give the racing car exhaust note. For NA cars use a NA car + NA engine + Exhaust code fro, a NA race car exhaust & you’ll get the race car exhaust note. If the Car + Engine + Exhaust are not all the same aspiration then the exhaust sounds won’t work.

    Also when using an engine from a car that was not featured in GT4 then the car uses a blank exhaust code and this MUST be applied to the car to get any sound at all from the exhaust.

    _C0 Empty Exhaust
    _L 0x2146B300 0xFFFFFFFF
    _L 0x2146B304 0xFFFFFFFF

    Turbo Exhaust Sounds
    When you install a Turbo Engine on a car that was not Turbo Charged in stock trim, you need to add a code to enable exhaust sounds. This code works in addition to the Racing Exhaust code.

    _C0 Turbo Exhaust Sound Code
    _L 0x2146B2E0 0x0000095C
    _L 0x2146B2E4 0x0000000E

    Performance mods

    Upgrading Your Turbo
    These following codes will give you the ability to increase the hp of your Turbo Cars, basically working as a Boost Controller to increase the Boost. You can add a Stage 4 Code to your car and have your car running 900+ hp. This is a Tad Tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy.

    This ONLY works on certain Turbo Powered cars, they have to be Turbo Charged in Stock trim & this will only work with cars from certain manufactures & the codes won’t work on every car in those manufactures.

    Basically what is required is a 2 part Turbo ID code for the car in Stock trim for the codes to work. IF the Turbo ID code is 1 part then using this Mod will not work properly.

    So far the Manufacture list that this Mod will work on is as follows;


    So far the Manufacture list that It will not work with is as follows;


    I will update it as I test the codes in other dealerships.

    The following codes are Generic for cars with no more then 340hp in stock trim, using them with cars that have more power will result in ridiculously high HP numbers. I will add Generic codes for cars that have more hp (Stock) in the near future.

    Turbo Upgrade Codes for Cars with Up to 340hp

    _C0 Turbo Stage 1
    _L 0x2146B364 0x49AA7D23
    _L 0x2146B2C0 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B2C4 0x00000010

    _C0 Turbo Stage 2
    _L 0x2146B364 0x37607D23
    _L 0x2146B2C0 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B2C4 0x00000010

    _C0 Turbo Stage 3
    _L 0x2146B364 0x28707D23
    _L 0x2146B2C0 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B2C4 0x00000010

    _C0 Turbo Stage 4
    _L 0x2146B364 0X27567D23
    _L 0x2146B2C0 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B2C4 0x00000010

    Boost Controller
    ALTERNATIVELY you can also tune the boost level of your car manually. This is a trial and error situation as each car will be different & too much boost or too little will cause the Power to glitch into usually a 4000hp un-driveable Bus.

    This is a Variation of the Turbo Upgrade codes and cannot be used at the same time as them.

    _C0 Boost Controller
    _L 0x2146B364 0X37607D23
    _L 0x2146B2C0 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B2C4 0x00000010

    The value displayed in bold is the value you want to adjust. Increasing the value will lower the boost & lowering the value will increase the boost. The amount of boost is adjusted kind of weird.

    If you look at the value we are editing (3760) the 60 adjust the boost to a larger degree then the 37. So think of it as 6037.

    Stage 3 Weight Reduction
    The weight reduction code is a universal code, meaning it will work on every car EXCEPT the cars that were not in GT4, cars that are only in GT PSP this will not work on.

    _C0 Weight Reduction
    _L 0x2146B2A8 0x00000000
    _L 0x2146B2AC 0x00000008

    Racing Clutch
    The Racing Clutch is also a universal code however this should work on all cars.

    _C0 Racing Clutch
    _L 0x2146B2F0 0x00000CB9
    _L 0x2146B2F4 0x00000015

    [COLOR=Red]We are Done[/COLOR]
    Now you should have all the tools to bring to life Tuning in GT PSP. it might be hard at first but once you get used to it it becomes easier and easier, and you can put together pretty much any kind of car you want.

    INSIDE THE attached file
    I include the Codes from GT4’s car list (not all cars are in GT PSP) unfortunately the codes for cars that are not in GT PSP will not work. However the majority of the cars are shared between GT4 & GT PSP.

    There is also a Spreadsheet that will break down the coding in GT PSP, if your familiar with this type of coding and want to help, you should have all you need in the attached file.

    The Cheat2.DB included
    The Cheat2.db file I included is a 2nd data base file. This will NOT replace the Cheat DB file you have already that has any codes for GT or any other game you don’t want to lose. When you load CWCheat on the main page there is an option to “Reload Cheat Database” with a 0 default. Change the 0 to 2 then hit X. When you go into the “Select Cheats” option the codes from The 2nd DB will be available. I have also included some built codes that can be used as default mods. This includes Low amount of Adjustable Downforce & High amount of Adjustable Downforce. 7spd/6spd/5spd gearbox and tranny. These can be applied to any car, each of them reaching around 200mph.

    This is an ongoing project and more stuff is being uncovered.

    Special Thanks
    Hardtofind/ For Decoding the GT PSP Hybrid Codes
    Danzel / For CWCheat
    Sucahyo/ For Decoding the GT4 codes
    Dark Alex/ For CFW

    Written By: SiNiST3R AKA Rac3rX & Hardtofind

    ZR1 Powered RX7


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    Here are a few more of the pics... we need to attach them vs linking externally to sites for them so I fixed most but the rest we'll leave off I suppose. In any case, +Rep for the guides Rac3rX!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    Here are a few more of the pics... we need to attach them vs linking externally to sites for them so I fixed most but the rest we'll leave off I suppose. In any case, +Rep for the guides Rac3rX!
    Sorry about that I'll make sure to attach pics in the future

    Thanks also for the Rep.

    It's A LOT easier then it looks, there is just a lot of different things that can be done.

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