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    Post How to make your own PSP iSO Rips

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    This is a brief Tutorial on how to make your own PSP iSO Rips for use with the PSP Fastloader v0.5 launcher. You will need both the Chinese and English versions of the required utility (unless you can fully function in Chinese) since the Chinese EXTENSION tool is the only one that will allow you to rebuild them properly for some reason.

    Update #2: If you still have issues with VCDROMX v3.6, then try English v3.6a instead. Included with it is yet another brief PSP iSO Rip Tutorial as well.

    Update: If you have issues with VCDROMX v4.1, then try Chinese v3.6 instead as it is simpler to use and matches the pictures attached below closer to assist you. Included with it is another brief PSP iSO Rip Tutorial as well.

    1. Extract the original PSP iSO file
    2. Using the Chinese VCDROMX Extension tool, drag and drop the extracted folders.
    3. Hit Ctrl B to make the FCD file.
    4. Open up the English (or Chinese if you prefer) VCDROMX Convertor tool, select *.FCD type under the "Source" pane, and select the FCD file you just made.
    5. In the lower window, select iSO type and select the Rename and Overwrite box under "Target" and you're all set!

    Here are three 'translated' pictures for reference (may help some) throughout the process using the Chinese version:

    Step #1
    Step #2
    Step #3

    Post any related issues/questions below and Enjoy!
    Attached Thumbnails<br><br> Attached Thumbnails

    step1.jpg   step2.jpg   step3.jpg  
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    From the MikeG readme.txt, "If one doesnt surface in the next couple days
    I will consider converting my original program into a generic version."

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    Tried with HSG

    I tried it with Hot Shots Golf and it went from 438 to 413, is that it? I was hoping for a more dramatic increase, darn I really need to buy a 1Gb/2Gb card.

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    The first picture doesnt seem to directly match the chinese ver.... i cant figure out where the first photo came from.

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    Excuse me if this is totally dumb ass. I installed the chinese program no problem. I ran through the steps, on NFS-UR. I ended up with a new ISO exactly the same size as I started. What exactly does this process do ? IS there extra steps at some point where I should be looking for dummy files, or does this simply mean that this game does not have dummy files?


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    Sorry, but i just tried this with "Hot shots golf..." put the iso on my psp and it doesn't work.

    Yes followed all the steps. (chinese and english) Oh and tried the original iso first - works fine!

    One question i do have, which may be relevant... What should the iso "disk" name be? (can it be anything, or does it HAVE to be the umd id name & number?)

    has anyone else got this to work?

    Slightly off topic, but - i've just used the ripkit for NFS underground and that works - but i assume the patch relinks all the file locations. (from PS3News homepage link) Is this vcdrom thing supposed to do that too - i can't see how?!?

    I don't think i'm being dense, but could be proved wrong!


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    delete the folder for chinese version and reinstall the english version. english version seems prefect for me.

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    Stupid question... but this would be the method to make ISOs from games that were already decompiled from ISOs... correct?

    Sorry to n00b it up.

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    ok can anyone get this to work? ive been trying with coded arms for a while now but no success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mswc
    Stupid question... but this would be the method to make ISOs from games that were already decompiled from ISOs... correct?

    Sorry to n00b it up.
    Probably not... this method is intended for those who have an original (full) .iSO file (extracted), and wish to basically rebuild it without the unnecessary "dummy" files in so that it will still work when loaded as a rebuilt .iSO using the Fastloader. The problem with the "already decompiled iSOS" (for lack of a better word) that are in circulation is you don't know exactly what was done to them already, so even though you have a ZIP/RAR full of game files it may or may not be of any use for actually rebuilding a working .iSO again.

    The utility won't do any of the "thinking" for you either... you still have to know what can/can't be ripped, etc as the utility just lets you rebuild them properly similar to what CD/DVD Generator does for PS2 game images.


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