We love our customizations and for some people that's one of the most important things! Take a look at this God of War mod, well, this honey sold for 1,725 dollar on eBay! Impressive?

While I will assume that this modder is extremely skillful and I will assume all the buttons work exactly the way it should, often than not when you buy a faceplate on eBay you will run into this problem:

That's right! Broken buttons!! Buttons that comes with the faceplate that doesn't fit or the heights is off makes playing game impossible! Well, don't worry guys, DiggingTheWeb has your ass covered, here is a excellent tutorial we found on the web (credit goes to this awesome man). We tried it, and it works!

Video on how to here:

To some of you this maybe a thing of the past, but I will gurantee you this holiday season alotof people will run into this problem, because the new PSP Slim is going to rocket off the shelf coming this Xmas!

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