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    How do I load cdrom image in PCEP?

    ok im trying to set up a cdrom image in pcep on the psp. i have an iso+mp3 format image with a cue file. I need to know what they have to be named and what to do. I also have super system card 3 (j) to use to start the cdrom emulation. When I start, it says "cd toc" error. So i figured it must be something with my cue file or something.

    Its a good cue file and Im stuck. Someone please give me some info on what to do as the readme is in JAP.

    thanks in advance

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    You dont need the .cue file. In order to load the game, you need a .TOC file for the game plus the ISO and Mp3s. You could do a search for the .TOC data on google.

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    well tried to make the toc file, looks like it wants to work but then i get some kind of error that show CD%$^&^% which means jap language after it says cd. man this blows ass. ive tried ys and draculax and both do the same.

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    ok, got it to work by naming all the mp3+iso files
    03 ect.,

    instead of track01 ect., did that and they fire right up!


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