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    How about a PC / DOS emulator?

    I'm wondering if there is a PC or DOS emulator for the PSP. That would be awesome. I would whip out my Star Control II and never go to work again. lol

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    why would you want a pc emulator

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    you know what I mean. to be more clear, could anyone make dos load on a psp?

    Star Control was on a console, Genesis, way back in 1991. I guess I could live with that for now. Star Control II was PC (DOS) only. Definately one of the classics. Give it a chance if you get a hold of a copy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninkul
    I mean, look at windows 95 on a high-end mac, it runs slowly (last time i saw it anyways).
    Windows 95 runs slowly on a high-end anything.

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    DOSBox is open-source, someone can port that. It will be slow, but it will be DOS haha

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    Not sure about the other games mentioned, but I was playing Star Control II on a 286 with 8mb of RAM and DOS installed.

    I would think the PSP could handle that. If only I new how to write these darn programs I would give it a try. PSP port of DOS would be nice.

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    most worthy pc games are ported in a wrapper which allows them to run without a front end for emulation. It takes a lot of resource to emulate a pc emulating a game, therefore we go straight to the game

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    DOS Box has been emulated for the Pocket PC PDAs and I've seen old DOS game running on it, so I'm sure we wouldn't be wrong to assume a PSP version is very possible.

    Also, using another emulator called BOCHS, you can run Windows 95 in it. I did that on my Pocket PC but it was VERY SLOW (although possible!). Quite cool to see Windows running on a tiny iPAQ 4150. :-)

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