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    Maybe emulation authors might give some thought to something like Kailera. That's what many a PC emulator (inc Snes9x) uses for "online" play. Really, it just cheats the system with some clever keymapping etc.. into thinking both players are on the same machine.

    It's a possible, but then we'd need a fully working IP stack.

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    it would be really cool. play two player snes games wirelessly. you dont have to be far from each other, you could even be in the same room, its just the fact that controller 1 and 2 are playing the same game wirelessly on their own screens. cant wait for that on snes and nes

    it would be great for a gameboy one as well, it could replace the use for a link cable. woww, imagine the possibilities of the future..cant wait to find out what happens.

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    all i was saying was that if there were any and if not there should be because the wiresless is one of the PSP' s greatest things

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    Isn't the new Telnet app using wifi to connect to the PSP from your PC? I'm at work atm so haven't ahd a chance to try it out yet.

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    WiFi for some of these 2 player games like Super mario bros and stuff would be so sweet!!! I dont see it happening but thats okay, i dont have 2 psp's anyway. We do have 2 ds's though and me and my wife play games between that.

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    Trade pokèmons through WiFi.. hehe

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