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    Homebrew on PSP v1.50!

    Our forum and IRC member, and dedicated PSP developer, CybBlade has let us know of some wonderful news coming from the PsP-Dev group:
    Quote Originally Posted by Killer-X
    All of you have wished this. Yes, now we can load homebrew in PSPs with v1.5 firmware (we haven't try in 1.5x versions). With an exploit that i have just created today we can load any homebrew in our PSP. I must try to make it better, so you will have to wait.

    The Release Day will be 06/15/2005 at 15:00 GMT+2 (Spanish Hour).

    Note: THIS IS NOT FAKE, anyone who know us, know it's real. Thanks to all

    Download the video here.
    Let the anticipation begin!

    Update: PaWsTick, another member of the PsP-Dev group, has confirmed that this exploit only works in 1.50 PSPs, and does not work with versions 1.51 or 1.52 (from this post and this post). Those of you who have updated to firmware versions 1.51 or 1.52 are out of luck for the time being.

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    this is GREAT NEWS!!!, i just got my psp today in the mail and i come in and read this, i cant wait to play all the goodness of homebrew!!!!

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    GREAT NEWS!!! Soon I will be playing Final Fantasy 2 ala PSP!! how sweet it is!! However I have a strange feeling that Midnight Club 3 will be one of those titles with the automatic firmware update... Hopefully not cause I definately want this game but not if it will update my psp... I'd rather have homebrew...

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    sry but im still a noob at this, but was is "homebrew" exactly. Is like emulators or just games developed on the computer put into the PSP


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    great news hope more developments come soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrypticSoul
    sry but im still a noob at this, but was is "homebrew" exactly. Is like emulators or just games developed on the computer put into the PSP
    In a word: "yes". Homebrew is any code development done by people not authorized or licensed by Sony to develop code. So all of those emulators and non-Sony games that are being developed for the PSP are homebrew.

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    So I take it that this has been verified as legit?

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    4 days to write a tutorial. I guess english is harder than I thought.

    j/k, they do say patience is a virtue after all.

    This is different than the ISO loader we've been holding our breath for I take it?

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    according to the news front page of this site :P

    "we'd like to make it known that the legitimacy of this news has already been 100% confirmed by myself via high-ranking scene elders... so no, this is not another "fake video" nor publicity stunt- it's REAL! "

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    Thanks to PS3News from PSP-DEV for your support

    We will wait for all of you on 6/15/2005.

    And sorry for my bad english!

    See you soon!
    Last edited by PaWsTick; 06-12-2005 at 01:28 AM

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